An insight into the 'Harvest to Home' journey

Farm TO Fork

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Good Agricultural Practices
Greenz introduced & implemented Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) to its farmer community to improve yields and the quality of the produce that will result in the better product at an affordable price to the consumer and at the same time better price & realization to the farmer.
Pre-Harvest Interventions
Greenz has initiated Pre Harvest Interventions in the grassroots level to deliver the best produce benefiting the farmers & the consumers.
Greenz Pre-Interventions has:
1. Increase farmer yields.
2. Reduce farm wastage.
3. Increase the quality of produce.
Post-Harvest Interventions
Amongst the rich farm belts across India, Greenz has Collection Centers & Pack Houses equipped with advanced post-harvesting technologies which enable us to procure the best quality produce directly from the farmers.
The fruits and vegetables sourced by Greenz are grown using clean unpolluted water, with safe pesticides and Good Agricultural Practices.
Fresh produce is graded, sorted, checked for quality and sent to the consuming markets.
About Greenz Collection Centre
Freshly Harvested stocks are received and accounted for.
Stock management is done using the advanced custom built business intelligence unit.
Allocation management using crates, pallets & pallet cars.
All indenting and demand analysis is done through this channel, based on which the collection centers procure the right quantities.
Price analysis is done here using various tools.
About Greenz Pack Houses
Our pack houses are strategically located well within the farm-belts giving both- the farmer & us, the advantage of time. Our pack houses are equipped with state of the art technology for post harvesting. We operate using equipments such as mechanical size graders & Rapid De-coloring chambers with temperature and humidity control. We provide crates to the farmers so as to improve the methods of collections and handling also with an attempt to improve the life of the produce harvested.
About Greenz Distribution Centre
Distribution Center is responsible for timely delivery of fresh produce to the third party within 24 hours of harvest.
We assemble produce directly from various farmers after which grading, sorting, packing and allocation of fresh stock is done with strict quality control by qualified professionals and then transported consuming markets.